The Art of the Post Event

You’ve made it! Your event had an awesome turnout, great food/drinks, and an overall good time. But wait, you aren’t finished quite yet! Managing your post event is an important step in the event process. You put in so much time to make the event a success, so gather all the information you can to ensure your next event will be just as successful! Here are a few tips that we believe will help manage your post event…



A checklist is an event planners best friend! The more specific the checklist is the better because this ensures that all mistakes will be covered in your next event. Go into the details of the flow of the event from registration to dismissal. Be sure to include any mishaps throughout the event whether it’s not enough food or if your keynote speaker was late. Plus being able to put a check mark in that box is the most rewarding feeling!


Send a Survey

Send a simple survey to the attendees of your event asking about their experience. Keep the questionnaire in a simple format with around 5 questions; otherwise individuals might not bother to provide you with their feedback. Ask questions about their overall experience and if they had any negative experiences so that you can adjust for your next event! The more feedback you get the better!


Share to Social Media

Social media is a lethal weapon for planning your events! Show off all the beauty of your event and inspire people to come to next year’s event. The sooner you can post your event’s pictures will ensure that people have not forgotten about your event or it has not been lost in the chaos of other social media posts. Post pictures, videos, and interviews to social media pages giving a shout out to all the attendees who came to the event and encourage others to join next year!


Meet With Your Team

Your event would not have been possible without the help of your team so gather around a table with them and talk about the successes and not so successful aspects of the event. Make sure to keep the meeting on a positive note and let everyone know that all feedback is encouraged whether it’s positive or negative! While you have everyone together, brainstorm possible ideas for the next event. Given all the feedback can only help improve future events to come!


As you can tell, there are a lot of things that go into a post event evaluation. Hopefully this starter kit list will help you keep the ball rolling once your event comes to an end and you have to start thinking post event! So hang in there and make sure to create a post event evaluation just as good as the actual event!

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