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Founded in 2010, Chirrpy is an online event ticketing and management company, dedicated to helping people create, promote and sell tickets to all events.

As three event professionals working in the industry, we decided there had to be a better way to manage ticketing and check-in for festivals and parties, meetings, conferences, fundraisers and corporate events.

Better meaning mobile-friendly, environmentally-friendly, lower service fees, and the ability to easily communicate future event plans to your attendees.

There had to be a better way for event organizers to promote their events and make more money by tapping into a world that’s mobile, connected and social.

There had to be a better way to manage ticket sales, communicate with guests, and make check-in simple and rewarding.

So, we created Chirrpy.

The events we’ve ticketed so far form a pretty epic list. We’ve sold tickets for events, concerts, festivals, seminars, fundraisers, retreats and celebrations of all sorts and sizes.

As a team, we’re passionate about event ticketing and management, and love helping people get the most out of their events. Whether your events are large, small, non-profit, or festival-sized, we’d love to work with you and help take your events to the next level.

Drop us a line, email us, like us on Facebook, or tweet us on Twitter – or if you’re local to Franklin, TN, come down and say hello. And bring cake … cake is always good.

Meet our amazing team

Laurie Snively

Top Dog

Charlie’s Angel in training

Jalisa Reitz

Operations Maverick

Laughs at her own jokes

Cortney Stephens

Ambassador of Buzz

Forced to quit Dr. Pepper

Taylor Truett

Sales Extraordinaire

Sales by day. 90’s DJ by night.

Alex Carey

Master Marketeer

Does a mean Irish accent

Josh Chesney

Code Cap’n

Probably on a Destiny Raid

Diane Wallace

WordPress Wonder Woman

Coder by Night – Crime Fighter by Day


The Real Top Dog

I put the “I” in “Team”

Chirrpy chatterings

“Finally - events management software that actually does what is says on the tin! Thank you Chirrpy for delivering on every level.”
Don Hoboken, NJ
“I couldn’t run my events without Chirrpy! Thanks for making event management fun again!”
Kelly Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Event management has never been so simple. Easy setup, easy management, easy analytics … thank you Chirrpy for being my saving grace.”
Connor Chicago, IL
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