Congrats! Your event has tripled in size from last year. But now you are faced with check-in lines out the wazoo. Maybe your event has always been massive and you still have yet to conquer those terrible word-of-mouth reviews about how long it took to get into the event. Have no fear…Chirrpy is here!


Here are a few things you can do to speed up the check-in process:

1. Send an email reminder to your attendees to make sure they have their ticket either printed our or available on their phone at the time of arrival. Also remind them not to fold their tickets a million times or use them as a Kleenex…You can export a list of your entire attendee emails to use in your own email marketing system or send an email through Chirrpy.


2. Have plenty of scanner-people! Our Chirrpy app for scanning attendees into our system is free! So get a large group of scanners and even stand-by scanners incase you predicted your need too low.


3. Make sure your devices are charged. The app does not suck the life out of your device in lightning speed, but it is a constant running app so you want to make sure your scanner-people come with their phones at 100%


4. You don’t need to fit the code perfectly in the scanner. Sometimes pulling the code further away is better than pulling it up super close! So don’t waste your time trying to fit the code to fill the entire scanning box.


5. Don’t print your attendee list. Well, you can if you are a super organized person and want a hard copy available for double checking those who show up with no ticket and “swear” they bought one (oy vey…). If you want to do an attendee name look-up, you can still use your app! Type in their name and the app will pull up their ticket and you can simply check them off the list with just a touch of the finger.


6. Have a “customer service” team available off to the side for those who are causing a ruckus in the scanning zone. If there are any problems, such as someone claiming to have bought a ticket, the ticket has been marked as an error due to a forged code or an attempt to duplicate their ticket, someone who bought a ticket could not come with the rest of his/her entourage, or they forgot to bring something required for the event- send them to a table located right next to the scanning zone where someone else can help solve their dilemma.


7. Create distance in between each check-in line- this will create less chaos and will also make “cutters” more visible to security or management who are supervising the process.


8. Have signage. With many different lines, don’t assume the average person will know what is going on and where to go. Be as obvious as possible to reduce the frustration of those particular attendees and to save the precious time that would otherwise be dedicated to clearing confusion and directing traffic.


Hopefully these tips get your wheels turning about other time saving ideas. Don’t forget, it’s not just about you saving time, it’s about giving your attendees the best experience which includes a seamless check-in. Happy attendees and efficiency are our top priorities! If you use the Chirrpy check-in app and have some clever ways to manage large or complex attendances, let us know and comment below!

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