Have you ever read an event description and were left with more questions than you started with? “What’s happening at this event?” “Who is hosting the event?” “Where is the event?” “What should I bring to the event?” I’m sure some of these questions have crossed your mind after reading a description so we want to make sure that these questions do not arise after potential attendees read your next event page! Here are a few tips to help ensure an effective description:


1. No sugar coating

Make sure that the event description cuts straight to the chase instead having a bunch of muck to sort through. Keep it simple by answering these five questions:

Who is putting on the event?

What is being offered?

Where is it being held?

When will it happen?

Why is it important to the attendee?

By answering these five questions in a clear and concise way will help clear up any confusion the potential attendee may have about your event.


2. “I just need space”

I’m sure some of us have heard this once or twice in our lives, but this statement actually has a good connotation. Spacing out your event description with breaks in paragraphs, bullet points, and section headings will help to make the event page easier to read. These spaces in your event page will make it more compelling to read.


3. Straight to the point

Putting in unnecessary information will lose the attention of potential attendees. From the time they enter you page, you have about 15-30 seconds to keep their attention on your page before they move their attention elsewhere. Go over the essential answers to the questions from tip #1 and go over them briefly. Also, make sure to sound like a human writing the description. Making the description personal and true to the your event and your brand help the attendee grasp the idea better. Getting to the point and describing it in an efficient way will help get your point across and ensure the potential attendee’s questions are answered!


Other than these tips to ensure an effective event description, we would advise adding vibrant visuals. Pictures show off the page’s message in a creative way. We hope that these tips will help you when writing up your next event description!

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